ead just a few of the many stories about how our cardiothoracic team can help people get back to their lives.
Ronnie Steeves

Ronnie Steeves never suspected his breathlessness was related to a heart condition. He was used to working long days outdoors in all types of weather and slowing down wasn’t part of his personality.

The first of its kind in the region, the Connecticut Cardiac Arrhythmia Center in the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital provides comprehensive evaluation and advanced treatment for patients with heart rhythm abnormalities.

Bob Winkler

A month before his life-saving surgery, freelance photographer Bob Winkler couldn’t take a step without gasping for breath. Today, he’s back to work- and to taking the stairs!

Howard Chess

Until one fateful day in 2006, Howard Chess, 59, never suspected he had a heart condition. It was during his early morning workout that he felt dizzy and a strange fluttering in his chest.